Crystal Son/Daughter In Service Pin

OUR EXCLUSIVE SON IN SERVICE OR DAUGHTER IN SERVICE PIN! This pin is based on the original 'Son in Service' enamel pin which gained popularity during WWII. Originally the fabric banner was flown in the window of military families. Then, the enamel version hat pin became popular. This EXCLUSIVE crystal lapel pin is made with awesome sparkling stones designed with our fashionable Patriotic Clients in mind! Wear for July 4th or everyday! Support our Troops! It is a 1.5" lapel pin with sparkling red, clear & blue crystal pins. The Base metal is plated in 14k Gold. It attaches with a straight pin clasp. This pin is so eye-catching - you'll be given a great excuse to brag about your soldier after the many compliments you'll receive! This is REALLY a fabulous pin! Support those serving in the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard! It's appropriate to support those serving in the states since deployment can happen at anytime. This tradition needs to be reinstated to support our Troops. It makes a GREAT GIFT FOR YOUR MOM, SISTER OR GRANDMOTHER WITH A LOVED ONE IN THE SERVICE!!! Thank you for your patriotism and support of our Military!

Crystal Son/Daughter In Service Pin
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