Ohio Flag Pin - Our Exclusive Design

NEW Exclusive OHIO Flag pin. By popular demand, we've created a crystal pin made in the likeness of the Ohio Flag. As a proud Ohio company, we have many customers who live in Ohio and have asked for a Ohio flag pin so that they could show off their state pride. This gold-tone pin features red, blue and clear crystals on a pennant style flag with tassles adorned on the gold-tone staff. (1.5"h x 1"w). 

The Ohio State Flag History - The Ohio State Flag was designed by John Eisemann. Described as a pennant, the Ohio burgee is properly a swallowtail design. It was adopted in 1902. The Ohio flag is filled with symbolism. The union of the flag, a large blue triangle is populated with seventeen white stars because Ohio was the seventeenth state to enter the union. Those that are grouped around the circle represent the thirteen original colonies. The four stars found at the apex of the triangle combine with the stars of the thirteen original colonies to total seventeen. Three red and two white horizontal stripes and the blue field copy the red, white and blue of the Stars and Stripes. The blue field represents Ohio's hills and valleys. The stripes represent the roads and waterways of the state. The white circle with a its red center forms the "O" in Ohio and can also be related to the state's nickname, the "Buckeye State" as it resembles the buckeye nut from the state tree.

Ohio Flag Pin - Our Exclusive Design
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